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a moment in time...
07 June 2009 @ 05:55 pm
On Friday I checked the online paper for Garage sales in my area and believe it or not I was up at 8am on Saturday in order to venture out and find some goodies before someone else snatched them up.

Here is what I ended up with for $24 !!!

1st ever garage sale expedition

My favourites are the TV tray and suitcase!

The idea behind this little trip was to find some way to display my earrings at the upcoming Big on Bloor craft show. I didn't think that my couch cushions will really cut it for another year.

Here is what I did

Step 1: Found a very large wooden frame for all of $3, I paid $5 for the frame and suitcase!
Step 1 New Earring Display

Step 2: Tear apart the frame and remove the painting, glass and backing. Here is where I warn you to make sure you are careful and have a tetanus shot as the staples can be very old and dangerous as they may fly in the air...

Step 2 New Earring Display

Step 3: Apply at least 2 coats of latex paint, I purchased a tester can from the hardware store for $6 in Cocoa Mousse.

Step 3 New Earring Display

*** Very important, let the paint dry. I don't have patience and well I was covered in paint. Also cover up the surface you are working on as paint likes to drip and also fly in the air***

Step4: Use thumb tacks to attach window mesh and cardboard to the frame. Also do not try to use your thumb to push in the thumb tacks it will hurt, find a hammer. In my case call one of your best friends and ask if her dad has an extra one kicking around. Also it was hard keeping my cat from helping, that's his thumb in the picture.
Step 4 New Earring Display

And here is what I now have

Finished Earring Display!!!

A super cool about $10 earring display.
I just finished putting a second coat of paint on a smaller frame that will be used for the same purpose.
a moment in time...
29 May 2009 @ 08:55 pm
Lately I have been trying to give a little to do the world. I don't have money for donations and hardly time, but it is worth the effort and right now my time is easier to go without. One day I will love to be able to write the big anonymous cheques but until that day I will give you my time.

For the past month I have been volunteering every Tuesday as a Big Sister to a 10 year old boy. Together we join other coworkers of mine and their 'littles' for a fun 2-3 hour activity. We went hiking in the rain this Tuesday, glow in the dark mini putting, visited a boring museum... overall a little fun.

I don't have a lot of (well any) experience with kids and this experience has taught me to never try to take care of 20 boys at the same time.

But at the end of the day to see their smiles warms the heart and makes me feel that I have done something to make someone else happy.

Also in the theme of giving back, one of my coworkers is planning to Walk for Boobies

in order to help find a cure for breast cancer. She needs to raise $2,000 in order to participate. Since I am not financially able to write the cheque I want to and fully respect her cause, I am doing the next best thing I can...
Meet the Walking for Boobies Necklace
Walking for Boobies Pendant

It's hand painted wire wrapped sea glass and the entire purchase price will be donated to Liz and her walk. I can make a few of these so please don't be shy in ordering more than one ;)
Feel free to share this or even send a direct donation to Lis through her site ;) Every single dollar will bring her closer to her goal and everyone closer to a cure!
a moment in time...
29 April 2009 @ 09:49 pm
well perhaps for just one day, but I took full advantage of the sunshine and headed for the Beaches in Toronto
The beach!!!
I discovered the boardwalk and beach last year for the first time at the end of the summer and this year I will be there every weekend. Just a weekend beach bum ;)
I can't believe I didn't know how wonderful it is there all of these years.
The beach!!!

I even enjoyed my first Ice Low Fat Light Ice Latte of the season ;)

I decided to go by the water and look for sea glass. Lately I have been looking at wornderful jewlery made out of sea glass and thought if I would be lucky enough to find a piece... well

Sea (lake) glass bounty

I am going to wire wrap some of the bigger pieces and perhaps get my hands on a drill...
Anybody worked with sea glass before? Ideas...
I may put some in the shop as supplies...
a moment in time...
01 February 2009 @ 08:30 pm
An event I discovered last year in my little city of Toronto is Winterlicious . Great, out of my price range, restaurants have set menus for a lot lower price. Today I had lunch at the top of the CN tower, something that I really really wanted to do. Now this is not the famous spinning 360 restaurant, but the Horizons restaurant , still 100% worth it.
Just check out this view from our table:

Horizons Restaurant CN Tower

and the menu was pretty good for $15 and $10 to get up there
I started with Smoked Salmon Salad
Horizons Restaurant CN Tower
Followed by a Chicken Pot Pie

Horizons Restaurant CN Tower

and a Sour Cream Ice cream and Apple crumble

Horizons Restaurant CN Tower

and if you are up there you have to go on the glass floor of the CN tower and sit on it like all of the tourists :)

CN Tower Glass Floor

Actually most people are scared of the glass floor. It does feel a little weird at first but really nothing freaky about it. And really I am a tourist in my own city as I hardly ever visit the attractions. This is only the second time I have been up there.
a moment in time...
14 January 2009 @ 05:15 pm

PRINTSY interview
Originally uploaded by iva_o.
Hey there,

Check out my printsy.blogspot.com/ interview.
I think it turned out pretty awesome!

On a personal note I am battling a monster of a cold that does not want to go away. It has been over a week and I still feel really crappy
So yey for Printsy interview :(
and boo to the cold :(
a moment in time...
09 January 2009 @ 06:24 pm

"Give me a sign" Jan 8th 09 SPT
Originally uploaded by iva_o.
I was thinking about an artistic goal for this year. I have been getting really into it and then a week later my life spins me around and I leave everything behind.
I would love to participate in the "365" " photo project, but lets be honest here, who am I kidding....;)

So what I am going to try and yes try, most likely miss a few, but participate in the Self Portrait Thursday Project.
Yes Commitment!
My goal is to capture the next year, one Thursday at a time, and the rollercoaster that I am expecting in 2009!
Get ready for it ;)

Ps I still have an awesome sale going on in the little Shop!
a moment in time...
01 January 2009 @ 05:07 pm

Winter tree banner
Originally uploaded by iva_o.
I hope 2009 brings everyone a lot of smiles and good times!

I am glad that 2008 is over and a new year filled with hope is here!
My resolution this year is to wake up every morning with a smile on my face. Just a happy outlook to face the world ;)

I am starting it right with a new banner in my little shop, check out my awesome new photoshop skills. I know to most of you this is nothing, but I am learning!
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24 December 2008 @ 04:10 pm

My Favourite
Originally uploaded by iva_o.
Happy Holidays everyone!!!!
a moment in time...
07 December 2008 @ 06:25 pm

Wish upon a star earrings
Originally uploaded by iva_o.
Just in time for the Holidays I have two new earring designs in the Shop!

My favourite right now are these Little Stars
and I have made a wish on my pair and hopefully it will come true and soon!

My Christmas tree is up, I wanted a small one but somehow I got one that reaches all the way to my ceiling and my carpet will forever hold its needles. Oh well the apartment officially smells like Christmas, now I only wish I had someone special to share it with... maybe next year.
a moment in time...
10 November 2008 @ 07:29 pm

in Montreal
Originally uploaded by iva_o.
After spending the weekend (16 hours in total) in class, I was lucky to have the day off from work today. I actually have a few days that I will try to fit in by the end of the year. I hope to have the last week of December entirely off, to just sit around and not do anything. Please Please Please.

My little sis spent the weekend here, and today we shopped 'till we dropped. ;)
I bought the cutest little skirt and tights ( I never thought that I would buy tights), to go with the skirt. The combo with my black boots is awesome!!!! I can't wait to wear the outfit ;)
Now I am getting ready for my week, that is only 4 days long!!!

ps the Picture is from last month, when I was in Montreal